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White Pine Behavioral Health
Joel Guarna, PhD
Licensed Psychologist



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What type of help do you need?

  Relief from Anxiety

  • Do you worry excessively or have panic attacks? 

  • Are you nervous around others?

  Learn to Manage Stress

  • Are you stressed about your job, finances or relationships?

  • Are you concerned about the impact of stress on your health?

  Climb Out of Depression

  • Are you feeling down or not enjoying your life? 

  • Do you lack hope, energy, or motivation?

  Drinking Too Much or Using Drugs

  • Is your drinking or drug use causing problems in your life?

  • Are others concerned about your drinking or drug use?

  Life After Trauma

  • Do you feel stuck because of past physical or sexual abuse?

  • Are you reliving an intense trauma (accident, injury, medical crisis) from the past?

  Adjusting to Life as a Veteran

  • Are you having difficulty since you served in the military?

  • Are your relationships and civilian roles strained?


Help is available.  Call Dr. Guarna at (207) 272-8500 to discuss options.  You may also email Dr. Guarna at joel@whitepinepsych.com with questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Guarna is now accepting a limited number of new clients.  Please call for details.


Please take a few moments to review my background, my ideas about treatment, and the therapies I use, to determine if we might work well together.  I will be glad to speak with you and answer any remaining questions you may have.  You can also review my brochure for clients or professionals.

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