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Pick-Up Window 

If you are a client or colleague of mine and are expecting a form or exercise from me, you will find it on this page (below).  I will try to keep this uncluttered.  However, please be sure to pick-up the correct document!  Forms may be downloaded, printed, and used for authorized purposes only and should not be copied, altered, or distributed unless we have discussed it.

  Item Description
1 Riding the Wave "Riding the Wave" Exercise
2 Brochure for Clients or Providers Brochure, versions for clients and for healthcare providers
3 Daily ACT Ratings_goals Daily ACT ratings and self-monitoring + goals rating
4 Release of Info Release of information form
5 Urge Record Self-monitor urges to drink, use drugs, engage in compulsive behaviors.
6 Activity Chart_1
Activity Chart_2
Self-monitoring forms for activity monitoring and behavioral activation
7 School of Fish Exercise    Exercise to help change how you experience anxiety and other powerful feelings.
8 FEEL Records     Extra records
9 Batteries    Values clarification and behavioral activation exercise.
10 Reasons  Reasons exercise (right-click & "Save Link As..." or download this audio file to your computer and then open to hear instructions).


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